How to get reward?

  • We send you a confirmation message to the email linked to the social network account you used to register in Dottery. If you entered another e-mail manually, expect our message there.
  • You send us your Steam Trade URL. Trade URL is a unique link that allows us to transfer items without being friends in Steam. You can find your Trade URL here.
  • Make sure you inventory is set to Public mode.
  • We send you the item/set.

How to get Referral Code?

If you want to get a referral code and earn 10 points – find any code in posts’ comments in:

You may find your personal code for sharing to your friends indottery - My Profile.

What is Raise for?

The winner is picked randomly! Randomizer selects 1 user among all participants in a particular lottery.

So when you click Raise you increase your win chance in the lottery - you buy an additional ticket!

The more time you Raise your chance - the more tickets you buy, so there is greater chance randomizer will choose you as a winner.

I don’t receive points for completed tasks

  • Make sure you followed all the instructions mentioned in task.
  • Wait! Points may be delivered from a few minutes to a few days.
  • Before contact us - contact support team of the company, which provides these tasks.

All the links are shown at the tasks’ page.

My Trade URL doesn't work

All the reasons you may find here.

The most common reasons:

  • You have recently changed login.
  • You have recently changed password.
  • You didn't use Steam account for a long time.
  • Your steam account isn't connected to Steam Guard. (What is Steam Guard ?)

My inventory is set to Private

We can't send you a prize while your inventory is set to Private.

Please follow the steps in link below in order to change inventory privacy to Public